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100% Organic Plum Seed Oil

100% Organic Plum Seed Oil

The highly nourishing Organic Plum Beauty Oil is an exceptionally light oil, that spreads easily and quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving it dewy, radiant and hydrated. 


    Ingredients:  Prunus Domestica Kernel Oil

    Extraction Method: Cold Pressed and unrefined

    Origin: France

    Aroma: Mild Marzipan, Almond-liked smell

  • How to use

    Face and Lips: Apply 1 to 2 drops each on the left cheek, right cheek and forehead, use both hands to lightly spread across the face and lips.

    Nail: Apply a few drops to hands, nail and cuticles, softly massage to soften and nourish. 

    Body: Apply a few drops to the dry and flaky skin, massage to soften and nourish the skin.

    Hair: Towel-dry wet hair, then add oil to ends of hair to soften hair and protect against blow dry heat damage.

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